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Google Contacts’ birthday reminders are finally rolling out

On all the top Android handsets, Google Contacts is the default app for managing and adding contacts. Certain essential additions, like an easier way for Workspace users to add or edit contacts online, have probably come a little too late. Back in March, the new “For You” area of the Highlights page gave us our first indication that birthday reminders would eventually make their way into Contacts. A few weeks later, there was the option to include birthday alerts for certain contacts. Currently, a new Add Birthdays” card under the For You section is visible to select Contacts users.

This latest feature was spotted by 9to5Google, which predicted it would be available with the 4.7.26.x version of contacts. Although this feature hasn’t been completely rolled out yet, it can be spotted on a few devices. Even if you’re using the latest version of Google Contacts, you might not be able to experience it just yet.

In the latest update, the “Add Birthday” button will open your contact list with cake icons on the contacts whose birthdays you haven’t added yet. Along with that, users can select individual contacts and add the contact’s birthday by tapping in from the overflow menu.

Meanwhile, it appears that only the new Add Birthdays card in Highlights may be used to get the list view of contacts’ birthdays. It is unclear how you will go there if you dismiss the card, so we can only hope that access will be made easier in the future.

Material Your home screen widgets with a focus on the people closest to you were recently added to Google Contacts. Additionally, Chats now includes contact photos in addition to having a significantly enhanced tablet app experience. Due to Google’s penchant for copying functionality, Google Calendar, which has been devoid of birthday-related features, may soon gain its own version of birthday reminders.

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