Google Discover will keep you aware of air quality in your area

Our region’s AQI (air quality index) is frequently disregarded. Google is providing us with yet another means to verify that the air in our neighborhood is breathable since, of course, we want to make sure that it is. A recent story claims that the Google Discover feed would include the local air quality.

You may already view the AQI in your location on Google using different methods. In the beginning, if you have a Pixel phone, you can get that data through your At a Glance widget. This is the widget on your home screen’s upper left. From the settings, you may configure it to display your AQI.

Additionally, Google Maps lets you view your AQI. It is one of the map layers that displays the map from various viewpoints. You should consider such techniques if you wish to learn about the air quality in your location.

The air quality in your neighborhood is now displayed in the Google Discover stream

If you have the feature turned on, you can view the Google Discover feed from the Google app or by sliding to the right from the home screen of your phone. A feed of the most recent headlines on news topics that interest you will be shown to you. You’ll see some tiles above those that display the local weather, sports, and financial information right now.

AQI is currently being released by Google as part of an upcoming upgrade. You will need to swipe to see the AQI because the tiles are arranged in a carousel. You’ll see the number and a dot shown. The amount of breathable air is indicated by the dot next to the number. A green dot indicates that breathing the air is safe, while a red dot indicates that it is not. The center point is shown by a yellow dot.

Press the edit button located on the far right of the carousel to hide the AQI. For the weather, sports, and money, simply uncheck the items you don’t want to see.

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