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Google Docs launched latest AI based Proofread Feature

According to 9To5Google, Google announced an interesting upgrade to the Google Docs Proofread tool during Cloud Next ’23 in addition to changes to Chat and Meet.

This tool goes beyond the capabilities of the present Spelling and Grammar Check by using AI to deliver sophisticated writing suggestions. The Google Docs app’s prior available feature was spell check, which only fixes grammatical and occasionally spelling issues. However, this new function takes the process of having your work professionally proofread a step further.

Google Docs Proofread detail  

Instead of using traditional spell and grammar checks, Google Docs Proofread uses AI to improve writing. This new tool covers a wider range of writing enhancements in addition to correcting spelling and grammar. It includes succinctness, active voice, word choice, and sentence splitting. To put it another way, it simply refers to making language considerably simpler to understand.

Users will be informed when writing suggestions are accessible by a unique blue dot, which may be accessed by the well-known “A” and “check mark” symbols in the toolbar. By tapping this icon, a side panel displaying a sorted list of recommendations is opened for users. Users can easily review suggestions and decide whether to accept or reject them based on their nature.

This advancement simplifies the procedure for producing top-notch content in Google Docs. Users retain complete control, and the proofreading capability is readily enabled or disabled from the Tools menu.

Documents’ clarity, readability, and conciseness will all be improved through proofreading. Importantly, these ideas flow naturally into the writing process, preventing interruption. Through the Proofread sidebar, users can carefully consider the suggestions and choose the ones that best suit their writing style.

The fact that Proofread is a paid service and a Duet AI for Workspace Enterprise add-on must be noted. The deployment is in progress, so Google Docs users will soon be able to make use of these writing improvements that cater to various professional fields.

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