Google Docs will now display line numbers in your documents

Google Docs

It’s simple to appreciate the simplicity of Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other apps in the business’ document editing suite while you’re bound to the Google Workspace ecosystem, whether by choice or by your employment. Recent updates to Google Docs include the functionality for polls and a simplified access request system. Line numbers are now shown in your documents as well.

If you’ve ever worked with lengthy papers, you’ll understand the value of collapsible section headers and line numbers to prevent scroll wheels from breaking while paging across pages. Docs already offers the former, but starting today, support for the latter is being made available to everyone with a Google account, bringing Docs one step closer to feature parity with premium word processing programs. The latest option is available under Tools → Line numbers → Show line numbers.

Line numbering can be set up to show throughout the entire document, on a certain page, or solely in a specific passage of text. However, keep in mind that your line numbering will appear in the file prints as well. For the page less style on Docs, where the ideas of margins and pages are eliminated for a smoother infinite scroll-like experience, Google has also deleted line numbering.

Collaborative editing is made significantly easier by line numbering when it’s enabled because your team may refer to corrections by their line number rather than referring to them as the ‘third sentence in the fourth paragraph of the second sub-heading’. Since Google is thankfully not restricting this feature enhancement to Workspace accounts only, those with free-tier personal accounts can benefit from it when working on Docs. But don’t worry if you can’t see the line numbering option just yet; Google anticipates finishing the deployment by August 22, 2023.

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