Latest ‘My Netflix’ tab will put all features in one place

Netflix is introducing some features to its platform that aren’t as significant for customers as suggested by the company. There is a specified area where you can re-watch the trailer for the movie. It isn’t much of a requirement. Although Netflix has decided to bring all these features together in one place, they’re expected to come with some side effects.

As per the announcement from Netflix, a new tab named as My Netflix is coming to the main menu app, and it will contain multiple lists, including Downloads, shows and movies liked by you, your watched trailers, and all the reminders you need.

This trick will be beneficial in removing extra sections and keeping the most visited ones on the latest available tab, “My Netflix”. All the shows and films you’ve saved to your list will be available here, along with your recommendations for watching them again. Although the main home tab will still contain dedicated rows for continuing what you were watching along with a watch again option,

This tab will become more about you as you interact with it. As an example, if you add action movies like Extraction 2 or you like all seasons of Bridgerton, this section will display the titles from similar categories. This feature doesn’t make it much different from an already existing one, which is recommended based on your watch history and your favorite series. This tab will be a combination of both. With this option, we will get a new tab for content recommendations. We no longer need the Shuffle Play option.

This update is already rolling out for iOS starting today and will be available on Android somewhere around the start of August. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the My List section until My Netflix is available for you to display all your saved watchlists.

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