WhatsApp is expanding the availability of Channels on international level


WhatsApp is one of the greatest apps for encrypted messaging available. Since purchasing the app several years ago, Meta hasn’t really sought to steer it in a different direction. And that’s really no problem. Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms, so Meta doesn’t really need a third. That doesn’t mean WhatsApp couldn’t benefit from a few extra social features, though. One significant one that was only recently introduced is Channels, and WhatsApp is now expanding its availability in other nations in preparation for a potential global debut.

As per information from WABetaInfo, more users in a few new nations will have access to the Channels functionality. Previously exclusively available in Singapore and Colombia, channels will soon be available in nine other countries: Egypt, Chile, Malaysia, Morocco, Ukraine, Kenya, and Peru. It’s a long way from the close to 200 nations that exist right now, but Meta is taking things slowly because it’s a test.

If you’re not familiar with Channels, they are a one-way communication technique that directly imitates Telegram and allows users to broadcast messages to a group of other users without using a closed-off group chat or sending a bulk text. WhatsApp has experimented with features like enabling message replies for channel messages to better improve Channels.

It is safe to believe that WhatsApp will eventually roll out channels to users everywhere since it rarely locks consumers out of features unless we’re talking about regional capabilities, like payments. But for the time being, this exam is only available to residents of those nine nations, so if you want to try it out, you’ll have to wait just like they do.

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