Google Drive’s iOS and Android homepages have been redesigned

Google Drive

The mobile app of Google Drive is set to receive a new homepage. Reportedly, tech giant Google will roll out the new redesign for both Android and iOS versions. Well, it is a slight modification, but it will improve the user experience. Last week, the new UI was spotted and now it will be rolled out to all users in the coming days.

Google Drive now features a more compact homepage

The homepage of Google Drive’s app is different for different accounts, like personal or Workspace. The home page of personal accounts showcases Home and Starred on the bottom bar, whereas Priority and Workspaces appear for Workspace users. The company is changing this to Home and Starred for all users to provide a uniform experience.

Besides the name change for the bottom tabs, the top tabs will undergo a significant redesign. Previously, the files appeared in the form of cards that featured a preview of the file. It was quite spacious since, at any time, the screen only showed two files. It has now been replaced with a more compact list. Now, we will have access to ten recommended files from the recently opened, shared, or edited category.

The Notification tab will now change to Activity. Last month, the company rolled out this same design change to the web version of the app. This feed contains items with awaiting access requests, the latest comments, and authorization requests. It’s interesting to note that the company uses cards with file previews. Chips can be used to filter files. Interestingly, users will find a new “camera” FAB (floating action button). It can be used to improve the document scanning process. In the past, it was available under the plus/new button but now it appears in the rectangle-shaped icon.

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