Google Drive collaborator feature is now available for users

Google Drive

You are aware of the collaborator feature if you manage your documents and files with Google Drive. A recent software update that is now being sent to users allows you to use this functionality to search for files. Now, app users may simply use the collaborators who have access to the file to search for files.

In case you are unfamiliar, users can include other people in a document or file by using the collaborator feature. Depending on what the user requires from them, they can have different responsibilities within the document or file. People can be added by users to files as readers only, editors, or commenters with no additional control.

Now, users may just type in the name of a collaborator to get the files that person has access to when looking for documents or files. Finding documents is made simple and straightforward with this method, especially if users can’t remember the name of the file they’re looking for. To be honest, most of the time, remembering a collaborator inside a file is simpler than remembering the file name.

The names of the collaborators of a file can now be used to search for files within Google Drive

Users’ options for search filters during file searches were restricted prior to this upgrade. Users could choose the type of document and the editing time. These provided users with access to many files, which they had to search through to locate what they were looking for.

Google is now offering users an additional filter to help focus their search results on more specialized items. Apparently, only documents including collaborators can use this new filter. To edit, comment on, or see specific documents, users can add them to files.

Using the Drive app now reveals this additional filter. This is referred to as “people.” It is at a convenient midpoint between the long-available “type” and “modified” search filters. With the help of this new filter, users will have more control over which papers they may access.

When you tap on this filter, a drop-down menu with a useful tiny search bar will appear. Here, users can quickly access the collaborator’s name by typing in their name inside the file. Subsequently, the search returns all files to which the individual or individuals have been added as collaborators.

This feature is already available for users to use on the Drive app. Reports state that some users have already noticed this feature’s availability as of November 9. You can upgrade your Drive app and then try again if you are still unable to use this feature.

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