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Google Earth solves the case of a missing person

The body of a man who had been missing for almost 22 years was discovered for the current week on account of Google Earth Maps, as per the Sun Sentinel. Remains of 40-year-old Wiliam Moldt turned up in a lake situated behind a housing developing in Wellington, Florida after one of the occupants of the area spotted what had all the earmarks of being a vehicle in the water behind his home while seeing Google’s satellite pictures. Police retrieved the remaining parts of the body and decidedly distinguished it as Moldt.

Moldt was first detailed missing on November 8, 1997. As per reports at the time, he was visiting a dance club the night earlier and reached his girlfriend at around 9:30 pm to disclose to her he was headed home. Be that as it may, he and his 1994 Saturn SL never made it home. While there was a hypothesis that he may have been drunk that night, there’s no genuine method to realize what happened that brought about his demise.

The vehicle Moldt was driving was evidently unmistakable on Google Earth since at any rate 2007, as indicated by the Charley Project. It surely not by any means the only peculiarity that can be spotted on Google’s platform. Google Earth and Google Maps have gotten notoriety for at times getting startling moments on camera. Everything from strange naturally occurring structures to man-made ones to have shown up on the stage, however, this seems, by all accounts, to be the principal occurrence of a missing individual case being explained by means of Google’s pictures of the earth.

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