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Google Fi is providing some users a 7-day free trial for eSIMs

What is Google Fi?

A prepaid phone provider called Google Fi targets Android users specifically with its coverage and services. When you bring numerous lines, it distinguishes itself by providing an unmatched international roaming capability at competitive rates. In addition, Google Fi uses a variety of mobile networks to provide robust 5G and Wi-Fi coverage in both urban and rural locations.

If you haven’t experienced Google Fi yet, now is the perfect time to do so. This latest app is offering up a free trial program that will give you a while ride through all the features being offered by the app. A few of the users can grab this free trial by using eSIM on their devices.

Google Fi is offering a 7 days free trial

By signing up for the trial, you’ll give up an alternate contact for a week. Through this new contact, you’ll be able to attain an unlimited amount of calls, texts, and mobile data, which can work with your device’s hotspot. By the end of the trial, you can sign up for further services. It’ll be your choice to keep the same contact information you were given during the trial period. As per the explanation from 9to5Google, you can keep up with the same contact and continue through the services.

There are certain restrictions, like with any amazing offer. While the trial is still in beta, not everyone will be able to access it. Also, Google is capping the amount of data that trial users can utilize. Up to 10GB of data can be used normally during the trial, but after that point, your internet connection will start to be throttled, resulting in slower speeds. This doesn’t happen to Google Fi members (throttling starts at 15GB for its lowest tier plan and 50GB for its highest).

Having said that, 10GB of data is a respectable amount with which to start the week, and you should be good for most of your usual use. You also have access to Google Fi’s spam blocking and VPN services in addition to all that data.

You don’t have to wait for a real SIM to arrive in the mail, which is a major benefit of this trial supporting eSIMs in particular. A week is also a sufficient amount of time to see if you can connect the locations you travel to most frequently if you’ve been considering utilizing the service but were concerned about coverage, especially since Google recently made the transition to using T-network Mobile exclusively.

Google Fi options start at $50 for a single-person unlimited plan with 5GB of hotspot tethering per month if you do decide to fully commit. On Google Fi’s website, the free trial option should begin to appear for eligible users on Thursday.

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