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US Cellular is no longer a Google Fi official network partner

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Back in 2015, tech company Google introduced the MVNO service. It partnered with T-Mobile and Sprint networks for delivering wireless services to consumers. Later, US Cellular joined the company as the third network partner. In 2020, T-Mobile and Sprint joined. With this merger, consumers of Google Fi were left with just two network options. The company didn’t make any efforts to add new partners. It is now reported that the list is cutting down to just one carrier.

Some recent pieces of information suggest that Google Fi has stopped the support for US Cellular as an official network partner. With this recent development, Google Fi is only left with one supported network i.e., T-Mobile. However, the recent development has not been declared officially by the company. The information was fetched from customer support that reported to users about dropping the support for US Cellular. However, customer support mentioned that it could be accessible roaming on Google Fi’s Extended Network. Besides this, the MVNO has also withdrawn its dialer code for manual switching to the carrier.

It indicates that users won’t be able to switch manually between different networks. They are only left with one option i.e., T-Mobile. Previously, Google Fi enabled users to manually select the network as well as allowed automatic swaps between the best possible wireless network. Fortunately, the US Cellular network will still be accessible via Google Fi in areas where T-Mobile is not available. International roaming is still available for the US Cellular network. However, users will be switched to T-Mobile in case both options are available, even when US Cellular offers better signals.

In April 2022, the company has released new and attractive payment plans. They were presented with a significant price cut i.e., $10 per month depending on the number of lines. Besides this, the company introduced additional benefits to attract more users. It offered more high-speed data, hotspot tethering, and support for additional data-only SIMs. Well, it is now to be seen whether Google Fi adds a new network partner to the list in the future or not.

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