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WhatsApp is restricting polls to one option so you can’t choose every option that’s applicable

WhatsApp seems to have a thing for unfinished features. Many years after its launch, WhatsApp multi-device still feels lacking on connected devices, and even missed call alerts don’t work as they do for regular calls. But the constant inflow of new features keeps coming. A choice to add polls to chats was one of those additions. WhatsApp is now working on a remedy for a functionality that should have existed from the start.

WhatsApp is limiting its poles to one option

Last year in November, a new option of polling was introduced on WhatsApp group chats that was able to help with making decisions in group chats with a large number of people with different opinions. This poll allowed users to select multiple options that were useful in one situation but not in another. Other than that, some users also requested to limit the response to selecting a single option.

Following these requests, WhatsApp is working on limiting this option to single selection. According to WABetaInfo, the latest feature is being tested on Android getting this feature sort of fixed, it’ll become more effective. As with users sticking to one choice at a time, this feature will result in more effective decisions. If everyone is going on with multiple choices, this can really destroy the purpose of a poll at its most basic.

As with the following issues, WhatsApp isn’t getting the most out of this feature. It’s just working out with the restriction of the poll being limited to a single option. After fixing the feature, we will be restricted to selecting a single option at a time from given options.

Although it’s not likely WhatsApp will fix a feature while it’s being rolled out, We hope that the platform will fix other features as well, no matter how much time has passed since their release. Although the platform could likely work on improving other features to make the experience better,

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