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Google Foldable Smartphone Is a Notepad and Retail Price is $1400

Google is also building a foldable smartphone – that much is certain. Now there are indications that these plans are becoming more concrete. The developers have already come up with a name, and the price tag seems obvious: and it’s surprisingly small.

Pixel Notepad

Like our colleagues from 9to5Mac report that Google’s development department has agreed on a name for the new product that also indicates its intended function. Accordingly, Google will market the device under the name “Pixel Notepad”. The possible conclusions from this name: A book design based on the Samsung model including stylus support seems inevitable with this name.

Foldable smartphones have been around for years and Android has also been adapted to the needs of devices with flexible displays for quite some time. What is missing here? The Google-typical pixel hardware that makes optimal use of these possibilities and thus serves as a benchmark for other manufacturers. There are now clear signs of life from the device, which has always been dubbed the Pixel Fold.

Hefty Price

Let’s move on to another area where Google could make the Pixel Notepad a real example: price. Here, the company would plan to add about $1400 to the suggested retail price. That is of course still a lot of money for a normal smartphone, but in the field of foldable smartphones it is certainly an offer that impresses. In comparison, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 came on the market with a suggested retail price of 1800 euros, so 400 euros more expensive – a few months after its release, this stabilized at around 1200 euros on the free market.

Some facts about the hardware: Google relies on its internal Tensor chip for the drive; it is unknown if it will be changed. In addition, the design should be similar to the Oppo Find N, ie it should be significantly shorter and wider than Samsung’s Z-Fold models.

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