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‘Google for Small Business’ Portal Launches


Google launched a new website, as a celebration of the international small business day. At the Grow with Google Learning Center in the New York City, the Google for Small business portal was announced. Google will offer different workshops and classes.

The global product director at Google for small business ads said that the website “gives everyone a place to start with Google products.”

She said, “small business owners struggle with time”, especially they don’t get the time to be an expert on digital marketing.

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Small businesses can visit the new site, enter their company name and website and then answer queries about their business and their goals.

Customized, prioritized list of actions will be created by Google that might involve launching ad campaigns and building an online presence.

It would be extremely useful for the businesses that are “just getting started,” as well as for the businesses that are more established and are looking to develop a digital strategy.

There is a wide range of products recommended at Google for Small Business, but the main two are “hero tools” that are part of the lineup and smart campaigns.

Hero tools allow business owners to create their own profile while smart campaign automates the small businesses ad-buying process.