Google Glass Is Back? Here is The Report

In early 2022, a buzz was created by a claim from The Verge regarding Google’s endeavor into the Augmented Reality (AR) domain, labeled as “Project Iris.” Fast forward to June 2023, a narrative from Business Insider depicted this venture as an attempt to craft smart glasses, albeit one that met a premature end akin to the fate of Google Glass. However, recent developments hint at a possible revival of Google’s ambitions in the smart glasses arena, as unveiled by a meticulous teardown of the Google app.

Unveiling Hints from the Google App

As per a report by 9to5Google, an intriguing piece of code labeled “iris” was unearthed in the latest beta release of the Google app for Android. This snippet suggests that besides the conventional “Hey Google” prompt to beckon Google Assistant, a long-press on the right temple of a device could serve the same purpose. Moreover, this piece of code delineates the possibility of utilizing this device for making calls and setting timers via Google Assistant.

Decoding the “iris_device” Attribute

The aforementioned functionalities could potentially pertain to a myriad of devices, Sony LinkBuds being a case in point. Yet, the publication emphasizes that this specific string of code is indicative of devices emanating from Google, tagged with the “iris_device” attribute. This revelation propels the narrative towards two plausible conjectures – either Iris signifies a hardware concoction brewed by Google, or it’s a generic reference to smart glasses.

A Revival of Smart Glasses Endeavor?

The mention of Iris strongly resonates with a narrative of either a reincarnation of Google Glass or a rekindling of Google’s aspiration to venture into the smart glasses domain. This speculation gains traction amidst Google’s collaborative venture with Samsung on the Korean tech titan’s XR headset. This alliance is poised to position the XR headset as a formidable contender against Apple’s Vision Pro or its imminent economical variant.

The unfolding narrative around Project Iris rekindles the discourse around smart glasses and augments the anticipation regarding Google’s next move in this intriguing tech frontier. With tech behemoths like Apple and Samsung making strides in the AR and VR domains, it’s a space worth watching for any tech aficionado.

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