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Google Go Search App Launches Worldwide

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After a limited launch in India and Indonesia, Google’s lightweight Go Search App has launched worldwide. The app is just 7MB in size and its aim is to find information online for low-powered devices. Also, it will remember your search results once you are back online, in case your connection drops.

The app is available on Playstore. As per Google, the app will operate on all Android devices that run on Lollipop (5.0) and above.

Google Go is equipped with features that have been specifically designed for emerging markets. Lens functionality was added into Google Go that enables the app to use its camera to read out loud from the real world. Furthermore, the app features support for voice search.

Other than Google Go, other G-branded apps produced by Google are Gmail Go, Gallery Go, and Android Go. Gmail Go offers a slimmed-down email experience.

Gallery Go allows users to organize their pictures. Android Go is a slimmed-down version of the mobile operating system for low-powered devices. The app is primarily for emerging markets but due to its lack of tacked-on features and its efficiency on cheaper phones, more people are attracted towards it.