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YouTube to Remove its Direct Messaging Feature in September

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YouTube is to remove its direct messaging feature in September.

The direct messaging feature of YouTube is not exactly the most popular way to chat, however, it was an easy way for sharing videos on the platform, especially on mobile phones.

The feature was not used often enough so the company has made the decision of killing it completely.

A YouTube support page has indicated that the video-sharing platform is removing its native messaging function after the 18th of September.

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YouTube has provided no details that why it has taken the decision to retire the feature, however, it said that it is going to focus on beefing up the comments section of the site.

The page wrote that they are constantly re-evaluating their preferences and have taken the decision to discontinue the direct messaging feature of YouTube while focusing on improving public conversations.

It added that they hope for better moderation features and tools for YouTube comments in the future.

As per YouTube, one would still be able to share videos straight from the website just by clicking the social network icon. If one is using desktop than one could always just copy-paste the links into their messaging application of choice.

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