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Google implements New Gmail Design For All

gmail design

In the summer, Google introduced a new design for its webmail service, but this was previously optional and could be deactivated if desired. But now this option is gone, which means that all users now have to get used to the new look.

When software providers modernize their interfaces, the alarm lights usually go on for many, since changes are always difficult on the one hand, and on the other hand some make the optics worse. The time has come for Gmail, too, but there shouldn’t be a “hard transition” for most people.

Gmail new for everyone

Because the new interface is no longer optional with immediate effect (or in the next two weeks), but is mandatory for all Gmail users. However, the changes are not of a fundamental nature and users should be able to get used to them without any problems.

Google writes in a recent blog post : “Starting this month, this interface will become Gmail’s default, with no ability to revert to the ‘original view’. With the new interface, users can still customize their Gmail theme (i.e. design), inbox type, and more change via quick settings.”

The changes are reminiscent of Microsoft’s Outlook in some ways, but that’s meant as praise, not criticism. Because the new design looks tidier and more modern. The revisions primarily affect those users who have activated Gmail, Chat, Spaces and Meet, these functions can be found on the left side. If desired, the three communication functions can also be switched off – this is also possible via the quick settings.

However, Google does not switch to the new design immediately, as usual the changes are implemented slowly for everyone – but in the case of Gmail it is still quite fast, namely within a period of 15 days.