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ChromeOS Beta Tester Hub enables users to test the latest features on Samsung Chromebooks

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A revamped way to test the new features for ChromeOS users has been launched by Google. This feature specifically targets the testing of new features added to the operating system. The platform is named ChromeOS Beta Tester Hub. Google shared the news via the official community post. The ChromeOS Beta Tester Hub not only enables the testing of new features but also allows direct interaction with the developers.

The exciting part is that you can now test the new ChromeOS features on your Samsung Chromebook.

Google mentioned that the target behind such a platform is to create a space where the Beta features of ChromeOS are conveniently visible as well as accessible to all ChromeOS users. The ChromeOS Beta Tester Hub is now available to the public. Interested users can join the platform and enjoy the latest features. For using the features, a beta program is not a necessity. You can simply test Chrome OS features on your Samsung Chromebooks ahead of other users.

This program is certainly an opportunity for users who wish to use the latest features but are less interested in the beta program. Moreover, direct interaction with the developers will enable a feedback mechanism. Thus, helping Google build a better operating system. Each member and user of ChromeOS Beta Tester Hub will be given a chance to interact with the product team of ChromeOS. Thus, learning about the upcoming features that are under development.

Additionally, the Product Experts of Google [on Gold tier or higher] will be given access to the special section. This special section will provide them with details about the features that are already in the pipeline. Furthermore, Google is enhancing its strategy and targeting greater audiences for the promotion of the new tester hub. It is offering a commodity to the first 500 users who choose to sign up as Product Experts and download the latest beta version.

Considering the commodities Google is offering for the new tester hub, it states that the first 500 users will be offered more details. For instance, if you are already a user of ChromeOS Beta Tester, Google will adopt a strategy that will target you separately about the items.

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