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Google Inbox now helps you to unsubscribe promo emails easily

Every Email user wants to keep its inbox clean from the promo and spam emails, for this purpose Google Inc. is about to take another step to helping its Gmail users to keep their inboxes clean.

According to the report by Android Police, the users of Google’s Gmail app will start receiving a new popup that will allow its users to easily unsubscribe to any spam and promotional emails that haven’t been opened in a month, or hit “no thanks” button if you want to keep getting the emails from the same sender.

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If there are any emails in your inbox with the tag of “Promos”, you might start seeing a new popup with an unsubscribe button to easily get rid of the emails in the future.

Probably, this new feature should only work for the emails that Google is easily able to identify as promotional content with an option to unsubscribe.

Apparently, this is a newly launched feature and seems to only be available on the web version of the inbox and on Android phones.

We haven’t received this popup or feature live on any of our personal devices. But this website has attached the screenshots of the notification. We aren’t sure when this feature starts rolling out, as everyone hasn’t received notification about this feature yet.