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Google Integrates Covid-19 Vaccination Records In Android

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The number of fully vaccinated people is increasing day by day, so more and more people can pull out their smartphones and identify themselves accordingly. We need our own app for this, but Google also installs vaccination cards directly in Android.

Android already supports all kinds of means of payment as well as customer and gift cards, these can be integrated into the operating system and their use is correspondingly convenient. The company from Mountain View, California, has now announced in a blog post that the Passes API has been updated to “offer a simple and secure way of storing and retrieving Covid vaccination and test cards on Android devices.”

Access to the APIs

Google continues: “Starting today, developers of health organizations, government agencies, and organizations authorized by health authorities to sell Covid vaccines and/or tests will have access to these APIs to create a digital version of Covid vaccination or test information. “

The company writes that this will initially be available in the United States, with more countries to follow after that. Strictly speaking, the Covid vaccination certificate is saved via Google Pay, but this is also the case with Payback and club cards.

In Europe too?

It is not known whether and when European countries will be on it. The developers of Google Pay have already been asked about this on the Twitter account @GooglePayDevs, but the company did not answer. It remains to be seen whether EU data protection allows the digital vaccination certificate to be linked to Google, but technically a secure and data protection-compliant solution should (hopefully) be feasible.

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