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Google introduces Flood Hub to more countries

Nowadays climate changes are more obvious in contrast to some years ago. We come across the news of floods and sudden wildfires. In this perspective, a timely reminder can be of great help. In order to address this issue, the tech giant Google introduced Flood Hub in 2022. It is a tool that issues warnings to individuals in vulnerable areas. As of now, the company has decided to expand the availability of this feature to more regions of the world.

Notably, the company will expand Flood Hub to 60 new countries. As per a report from the UN, almost half of the planet misses out the sufficient early warning systems for natural disasters like floods. In recent times, climate changes demand that such threats should be predicted accurately. Using a huge amount of data and resources, Google has devised a method that can predict a flood a week in advance. In this way, people have more time to respond to such situations.

The functioning of Flood Hub takes into account the data like weather forecasts and satellite imagery. Where previously, Google used to predict floods by using water level gauges. It was an inadequate practice since several underdeveloped countries lack the required data. For this reason, the tech giant changes its strategy. It merged two different models i.e., Hydrologic Model and the Inundation Model. The Hydrologic Model provides information on the volume of water flowing in rivers whereas water depth and the possible affected areas by flood are provided by the Inundation Model.

Google is integrating Flood Hub into Search

The tech giant Google has added the Flood Hub feature to Search and Maps. One thing to notice here is that the current Google Flood Hub takes riverine floods into account. Therefore, it can’t predict flash floods or coastal events. Furthermore, Google is utilizing its extensive resources to track wildfires in nations including Mexico, the United States, Canada, and Australia in addition to floods.

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