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Google Invest Billions In Office Work Space

Google continues to believe in the importance of office space. This is now clearly underlined with the acquisition of the Central Saint Giles building, designed by star architect Renzo Piano, in London’s West End. The purchase will cost 1 billion US dollars, and the planned conversion will cost many millions more.

1 billion for a prestigious building in London

Google has been based in London for 20 years. The company currently employs over 6,400 people across the UK, and last year alone the workforce was increased by a further 700. Unshaken by Brexit and developments since the Corona crisis, it is now being shown very clearly that we have long-term goals here. “Building on our long-term commitment to the UK, we are acquiring the Central Saint Giles building for $1 billion,” the company said in a statement averaging.
Long a Google home, now Google owned: Central Saint Giles in London
Google is acquiring a prestigious building in London’s West End designed by star architect Renzo Piano. Inside, a “million-dollar renovation” will ensure that the working conditions meet the most modern requirements. Among other things, covered work areas are to be created outdoors to “enable working in the fresh air.”

The flexible workplace of the future

In addition, the plans describe the most flexible structure possible for the office space, in which large cooperation rooms and small “team pods” are to be combined. All spaces can be reconfigured in a variety of ways “to support focused work, collaboration, or both, depending on the needs of the team.” Google had already shown last year with the purchase of an office building in New York – also a multi-billion dollar deal – that it still firmly believes in the idea of ​​face-to-face work in offices, the purchase in the UK puts another exclamation mark behind this long-term plan: “This Project represents our continued belief in the office as a place of personal collaboration and connection,” the company said.