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Google is redesigning its recorder app for larger screens

Mobile phones have their own recording app by default, but somehow Google Recorder is far better than these default apps due to its transcription features. It was already useful and became even more so with the addition of the latest feature of voice distinction, which was able to differentiate the person who was talking in the recording. With the upcoming update, Google is preparing its recorder app for working on larger screens with the launch of the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet.

As per reports from 9to5Google, the latest update of Google Recorder includes a UI design update specifically designed for these newly launched devices. With this latest layout update, the screen is split into two parts. From these parts, one side shows waveform recording while the other displays transcription. Whereas playback controls are sorted to appear at the bottom-right corner with easy access.

Although the update is in the process of rolling out, none of these changes can be experienced unless you are holding a Pixel device. For users that regularly use recorders, they might see this app pretty much like before. Another feature, adjustable playback speed, is also available on both mobile and desktop versions of the app.

With the release of the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet, it appears that Google will start prioritizing the optimization of its apps for large-screen devices. Check out the finest tablet-optimized apps that are already out there if you have an Android tablet and want to use apps that were designed for them. This is undoubtedly a start in the right direction, even though it might take some time before most Google apps are prepared for tablet use.

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