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Voice recorder of Google messages is expected to get a revamped UI

RCS chats As Android devices become more popular, Google’s vocal advocacy can be credited with establishing this standard. The major role of Google messages in this scenario is to make the impact of RCS similar to instant messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp. We can send voice messages using this app, and the interface is quite similar to WhatsApp. Google is planning to introduce some changes to this.

Google voice notes are getting a revamp UI

Voice messaging is one of the most convenient features we have. Like, we can continue the conversation even if we are unable to write a message, like while we are driving or eating. Google Message allows you to send voice messages by using the mic icon in the message writing bar. This voice recording feature is quite similar to that of WhatsApp. By holding this icon, you can record a voice message and then swipe it to the left to delete it. These audios show up in your message box when the recording is complete for playback controls.

As 9to5Google has revealed through an APK breakdown, Google now seems to be working on a new user interface. With the future makeover, the microphone icon in the message box will be replaced with a Google Recorder icon, and recording will now need just one tap of the button. Under the message box, you’ll see a pulsating dot and an elapsed time counter while the message is being recorded. Under it, there are three control buttons and a waveform showing the recording.

A play button displays next to the duration counter, so you can listen to the recording before sending it to the designated recipient. You can resume, stop, or complete the recording. The updated user interface, which is designed to give the Google Messages recording feature its own unique character, was styled after the recorder app rather than any other messaging service.

The design change is really great, but it isn’t just rolling out yet. Also, we haven’t received any official announcement or anything just yet about this feature being rolled out, so we can wait and hope for this to be out soon. It’s really going to be a handy experience once it’s out.

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