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Google Home latest update to bring UI redesign

At Google’s I/O conference earlier this month, Google announced a major redesign for its home app. Among those changes, Google is planning to roll out a few of them in the upcoming version 3.1 of the app. A UI revamp along with some functional improvements will be introduced in the latest app update.

For the tablet version of the app, the content of each tab is available in the latest container with rounded corners. These containers are available on the left-side navigation rail and will let you switch between favorites, devices, automations, activities, and settings conveniently. The same background is shared by the navigation rail and the top bar.

As per information via 9to5Google, a secondary navigation rail is added by Google that will only appear on your device in landscape mode. This is especially useful if you have four or more rooms with multiple groups of devices. The Favorites tab, where you may find your favorite gadgets and shortcuts to cameras, lighting, and Wi-Fi, lacks such a supplementary navigation feature.

The lighting controllers have also been modified with this upgrade. According to the orientation of the device, Google has replaced the brightness control with a pill-shaped slider and six preset temperature options (smaller pills) next to or below it. On top of those options, a lighting FAB displays a new sheet. Color and temperature are its two tabs. While the latter features a circular color picker, the former provides a strip to modify temperature. The controller page for other devices has also been changed in Google Home 3.1.

The latest update to Google Home is now rolling out

This UI revamp was under development for a long period of time. An invite-only preview of the app was introduced to attract users a few months ago.

The purpose of making this test version available is to make changes to the update based on feedback from the users. As per statistics provided by the platform at I/O, it was revealed that 500,000 users have signed up for this test version, and by working through those feedbacks, the app will be available for all users globally.

A few of these improvements are now available to consumers worldwide thanks to Google Home version 3.1. If you use Google’s ecosystem for smart homes, you may want to download this update immediately. To get the most recent version of the app from the Google Play Store, click the icon below. Do not worry if the update is not yet accessible to you. You’ll understand it in due time. Keep an eye out for additional Google Home app upgrades.

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