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Google is testing a new revamped search bar

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Google has been testing the new interfaces for a long time now, earlier we have seen changes in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Gmail redesign, Google News redesign, Google Chrome redesign and most recently in Google Double Click for Publishers (DFP) changed to Google Ads.

Google has been aggressively integrating Material Design into its apps and services; we have seen Google search being tested on Android earlier now Google Search design change is also spotted on the desktop.

Google has made some cosmetic changes to the search mainly and not the core search changes, spotted by 9to5mac there are two major changes that are discovered, the search bar now has more rounded edges instead of angular shape the one we currently use.

The near search bar is flat with little outlines and shadows, the rounded search bar also has a rounded drop down menu. Another style Google added is the search bar will remain sticky at the top of the screen even you scroll down through to search results including Google logo, this adds to users experience by saving their time to scroll up and search another term.

The design seems closer to mobile devices as compared to desktop experience, However, Google has not finalized the round edges design as it is not consistent with the elements such as a sign-in box, tweets, setting options and news articles box.

Google has tested the similar search bar on Android back in March and rolled out to the devices in later weeks,

Google has also planned to bring changes to search bar in Pixel phones according to XDA developers, the company is going to roll out the change when it launches rumored Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL smartphones this year.

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