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Google is working on an API for Android that updates app in the background

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Getting bolted out of an application while it updates is presumably the plain meaning of a first world issue, yet Google is tending to it at any rate. The organization is presenting another API for Android that will enable users to keep utilizing applications while an update downloads out of sight – or boot them out of the application when it’s a critical update.

How will the API for Android work?

Google reported the In-application Updates API at its yearly Android Dev Summit – close by support for foldable displays- while praising 10 years of the OS. The API for Android will give designers two or three alternatives with regards to updates. The first is a full-screen experience, which blocks utilization of the application until the point when the update downloads and installs.

That alternative is prescribed to be utilized for vital updates that should be introduced quickly – basic security patches, bug fixes and such.

The other alternative is the thing that Google is calling a flexible refresh. Whenever empowered, clients will have the capacity to keep utilizing an application while an update is downloaded. Developers will likewise have the capacity to alter the update stream so it senses that it is a piece of the application.

For the present, the new In-application Updates API might be accessible to Android developers who are early access accomplices. Google hasn’t declared an official date that it will launch the global discharge, however, said the API will be accessible to all developers soon.

The Android platform provides a framework API that applications can use to interact with the underlying Android system.

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