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Google Keep To Allow Format Text Soon

Google is known for keeping things simple with its apps, and it’s exactly what makes them so darn usable — take Google Chrome for example, which is the world’s most popular browser despite obviously not being too big on features. But while it’s clear that this formula works well often enough, it’s problematic at other times. In the case of Google Keep, something as basic as text formatting has been lacking despite the app being out for almost a decade — and even with nearly every other competitor offering the same. But as a new report now shows, that’s set to change really soon.

9to5Google‘s APK teardown of Google Keep version has revealed some strings pointing toward work on toggles for bold, italic, and underline formatting. These strings are joined by corresponding icons that look quite similar to the ones used in some of Google’s Workspace apps (Docs, Slides, Sheets).

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline

These new icons indicate that Google Keep will likely present a dedicated bar/menu housing the formatting controls, unlike chat apps like WhatsApp where formatting options aren’t as accessible, hidden behind a drop-down menu that only pops up upon holding down on the text. Additionally, 9to5Google says that the new controls will be toggle-able and that you’ll be able to clear formatting with the tap of a button.

All in all, this new addition is a welcome one and will serve well in the way of organizing text — we can definitely see ourselves highlighting important bits by using bold, raising emphasis on certain words via italics, and underlining titles. Installing the latest Google Keep update does not enable text formatting right now, as formatting is likely still in the early stages.