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2018 will be Year of Evil Hack Attacks

Online hackers will get more evil in 2018 as per security researchers. Compared to cyber-attacks in past, in 2018 the attacks will get bigger and at much higher level. The cyber Ransomware attack in 2017 was just a trailer for what will happen in 2018. Hackers are using advanced technologies, new strategies to break into the system of other users. This is reported by a security company McAfee. In short, the cybersecurity predicts that there will be evil hack attacks in 2018.

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Also as ransomware profitability will reduce due to better defense system, the hackers will strategize new devastating attacks on computers.

The rich class needs to be aware as they will be targeted the most.

Steve Grobman McAfee’s Chief Technology Officer said, “The evolution of ransomware in 2017 should remind us of how aggressively a threat can reinvent itself as attackers dramatically innovate and adjust to the successful efforts of defenders.”

As per Chief scientist, McAfee Raj Samani commercializing hacking services is pretty easy as seen in 2017. The privacy issue will be an extreme threat in 2018. Hackers can easily hack any network due to poor privacy.

The McAfee report said, “Connected home device manufacturers and service providers will seek to overcome thin profit margins by gathering more of our personal data — with or without our agreement — turning the home into a corporate storefront. It will become aware of notable corporate abuses of digital content generated by children,” as part of this effort to boost profitability.”

European Union General Data Protection Regulation May 2018, may bring some positive change as it will restrict data sold and used. Overall people need to get more careful about the privacy of their data.

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