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Google Launches ‘Startup With Google’ Program

Google has helped many Startup companies since 2011. Those Startups have then created jobs for more than 40,000 individuals and has raised $3.9 billion in funding. Now Google has introduced a new program called Startup with Google, with an aim to make dreams of new entrepreneurs, a reality.

Let’s take an example of the Startup introduced by Ivonna Dumanyan and Gabrielle Levac who were basically athletes. When they used to play, they suffered injuries which stopped them from participating in many big tournaments. They came up with an idea that repeated injuries can be avoided. They introduced a device that could sense fatigue and warn the coaching staff of higher injury risk. Their small idea developed the startup with the name Fathom AI. The team Fathoms received training, resources, and programming from its partner, Google. Google made it possible for the Startup to create magic out of its mere idea.

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This is just one example out of numerous Startups that became a success with the aid of Google. With ‘Startup with Google’ program goal of Google is to make the journey for Startups even easier.

Startup with Google brings forward network of Campus co-working spaces, Google Developers Launchpad programs, and partner communities which allows new companies to communicate with the local people and stakeholders.