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Google Launching Android Pay in Brazil and Czech Republic next week

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Google started its Android Pay service a year back in September 2016, aimed at providing a seamless experience in mobile payments for customers using Android phones.

The search engine giant has recently announced that its Android Pay service will soon be available in five more international markets including Brazil and the Czech Republic. According to Android Police, the company has started sending invitations for a press conference in Brazil which is expected to take place on November 14.

More likely Google is going to announce the official launch of Android Pay in Brazil on the same day. However, Google has not set any press events in the Czech Republic but apparently, it seems Google will announce the launch of Android Pay in the Czech Republic as well during the same event.

Since, its inception in September 2016, Google has made significant milestones achievements in promoting Android Pay. Google announced Android Pay in Belgium in March this year, besides launching the service in various markets, Google is continuously expanding its core strength by adding more and more banks and financial institutions in the scheme. Last month, search engine giant has added 34 more banks and financial institutions that now support Android Pay.

Google is pretty much serious about Android Pay and wishes to take it to the next level in the coming days. However, there is a steady growth in Android Payments, Google is still struggling in the mobile wallet payments market as there are two other competitors Apple Pay and Samsung Pay with more users and retail locations. Apple is currently leading the market of Mobile Wallets followed by Samsung Pay and Android Pay.