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Google Makes It Difficult To Install Android 11 For Third Party Stores

Android 11

Learned from an accidental release to some users, Android 11 earlier showed some new features coming to the software however, Google postponed the launch of the first beta version of Android 11 due to the unrest in the United States, the build was accidentally rolled out to some users. The beta shows that it was difficult to install the app from external sources.

Android users have always had the option of installing new applications not only from the official Google Play Store but also with the help of third-party apps. As Android Police reports, so-called sideloading with the future Google operating system Android 11 should be made a little more difficult.

App Restart

In order for a third-party store to install additional apps on the user’s smartphone, the application must first have been granted certain authorizations. With Android 11, an app must be closed and reopened after rights have been granted. This happens automatically so that the developers of third-party stores cannot influence this. Of course, restarting an app ensures that all entries recently made by the user are lost. The user must, therefore, search for the app they want a second time.

Until Android 10 the user was redirected to the corresponding system settings menu as soon as an attempt was made to install an app via the third-party store for the first time. Authorization had to be granted to the store once in order to be able to load further applications onto the smartphone. After the permission was given, the user could return to the store and continue the installation.

Due to the mandatory restart, this is no longer possible. According to Google, this is an intended process for which the new scoped storage system is responsible. Each app has its own file system so that it cannot access third-party data. How the developers of alternative app stores react to this remains unclear.

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