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Microsoft Teams Increases Number Of Participants To 300

Microsoft Teams

The Redmond Company recently submitted a 3×3 grid, a hand lifting feature, and chats that pop up in a new window. Now Microsoft is working on a (new) increase in the maximum number of participants. The upper limit was recently raised to 250, and up to 300 users will soon be able to participate in a joint team session.

Previously, soon after the Coronavirus pandemic, Microsoft announced to allow up to 250 members in a video call, the company is taking it more seriously after this long going virus pandemic. Communication solutions such as teams have seen an enormous surge in popularity in recent weeks and months, of course, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The providers compete accordingly and try to outbid each other with features and innovations.

Competition stimulates business: Nowhere is this rate better than conference solutions, because zoom, teams, hangouts, and the like are currently trying to outdo each other with better and better features. The respective providers are also happy to look at their competitors to learn useful functions.

This emerges from a current Microsoft 365 development roadmap (via Neowin), where you can also find information that this increase should come in June. The background to this number of participants, which will soon be updated, is certainly the business area because there is rarely a need for a video meeting of this size in the private environment. That’s not all, because Microsoft Teams (a little later) also gets some other innovations, including a revised channel information area and the pinning of certain messages. That is planned for August.

AI-based noise cancellation and team and Skype interoperability are also in the works. The latter was supposed to be released in May, but Microsoft was unable to meet the deadline. In June it should be ready.