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Google Maps Saved Places Highlighted In New Carousel and Images

One of the many products of the tech giant, Google Maps is redesigning its Saved places tab, replacing a tepid list of the lists with images rolls of specific attractions right from the home screen.

It can be seen in the below picture that the first carousel will show the places that any Google Maps user has recently saved to visit in the future. Below to the first list, the second show the other saved places that are nearby the user’s current location.

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Image source: Android Police

The third and the last list contains the details and photos of the places that the user had visited from its timeline, which is bases off the location history of the user. It is pertinent to mention here that the third list would only be visible if the feature is enabled.

After the new designed is launched, the user of the Google Map will still be able to access the list it has made or are the following just by scrolling down. The application will also the users to get the submenus for the several options such as: Timeline, Reservations, Following, and custom maps.

As always with the new update from the world’s top technology company, Google, it may take a little bit of time before it is available to everyone and every user is able to experience this new tab design.

via Android Police
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