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Google Maps Redesigned With More Details And Colors

Google Maps design

Google’s map service is constantly being improved, but mostly these are minor updates that address individual aspects of maps. Now the Google has announced a major update that brings more detail and color to Google Maps.

More color, more information

Google Maps has been available for 15 years and has become an integral part of many people’s everyday lives. Correspondingly, many are also affected when the Californians make changes and in the current case, these are quite far-reaching. Because a redesign was presented for Google Maps, in which one might not speak of “no stone is left unturned”, but which nevertheless makes significant adjustments.

According to the provider, the changes will be available in all 220 countries and territories that Google Maps currently offers, affecting the “largest metropolises and the smallest rural towns”. On the basis of satellite images, Google has changed the maps with a new “algorithm for color assignment” in such a way that one can now see natural conditions much better.

Beach, mountain, desert

It can now be seen at first glance whether a certain area is a dense forest, a snow-capped peak, a field, a beach, or a dessert. What the whole thing looks like can best be seen on the images provided by Google and reported by Verge, the previous or current design can be seen on the left, the upcoming design on the right. In some selected cities, the road maps are also shown in more detail. 

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New York, San Francisco, and London are starting here, and more cities are to be added in the future. In the future, it will be possible to see more precisely what exact shape and width of a street and sidewalks have. You can then also see where there are pedestrian crossings and traffic islands. The introduction for both features will start these days, but as usual, this will be gradually distributed to all users.

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