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Google Maps Updated With Widgets And Dark Mode On iOS

Google Maps dark mode

With the latest update, Google is now also launching a dark mode for the Maps app for iOS, in addition, to support for widgets. There are also other small improvements. We took a look at the update.

Google has now confirmed that they are distributing an important update for Google Maps for iOS. From now on iOS users will get a real dark mode, which should probably please many users. However, Google took two years to provide support, as support for dark view came to the iPhone with iOS 13. With the maps update to version 5.74, the distribution of the changes has now started – this means that not every user will immediately see the option of activating dark mode.

Activate dark mode

In order to finally activate the dark mode, you have to lend a hand yourself. The toggle switch can be found in the settings menu. Those who do not yet see the option will have to wait until they receive the change.

Another innovation that starts with an app update and is immediately available to all users is support for iOS widgets. With a click on Edit and Add in the iOS widgets, you can create a quick search in Maps and other shortcuts for the application as a widget. The second widget provides information on the traffic situation in the vicinity. The widgets themselves are already available in dark mode.

Widget content is personalized

The shortcuts for the widgets are personalized based on a number of factors such as location, saved locations, interests, and previous searches. Google has announced another innovation. This affects the option to share your live location via iMessage. More information about the big maps update can be found on Google’s blog.

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