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Google Maps will have a new bottom bar

According to some recent pieces of information, the tech giant Google has rolled out major updates for the Google Maps. Reportedly, the company has announced three new features to improve the overall functionality of the app. The new features can be found on both Android and iOS version of the app.

In addition to this, the company is making another change to the app which intends to make the app cleaner and an improved user experience. The company announced the three new features in a blog post. According to the company, “You’ll notice new design changes that give Maps a modern, updated appearance, such as a simpler home screen with fewer tabs.”

You must be thinking what Google means by a new home screen with less tabs. Well, Google has reportedly verified to 9To5Google that, when it refers to a “cleaner home screen with fewer tabs,” it is referring to the bottom bar rather than the carousel that displays suggestion cards. To put it simply, the Android version of the app will show less tabs in the bottom bar that will give a cleaner appeal of the app.

We do, however, expect that the app will still be easy to manage even with fewer tabs. Currently, there are no details on when this feature will roll out. However, we can expect it to arrive to the stable version of the app within the next few weeks.