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You can now use Gemini in Google Messages

In February, we came across the details that Google will bring Gemini to its Google Messages app. The company planned to offer Gemini to the beta version of the app from the last week of February. Well, the announcement was limited to just announcement since there was no practical implication. Almost after one month, the feature has finally arrived to Google Messages app.

Gemini is now offered in the latest beta version of Google Messages, according to a report shared by 9To5Google. In order to access the chatbot, users must click on the button to start a new chat. Before the appearance of contacts list, the app will showcase the option to interact with Gemini. Once it is clicked, the chat with the chatbot will open. Users can then interact with the chatbot similar to the chatbot’s app and web portal.

You can “draft messages, brainstorm ideas, plan meetings, or simply have a fun conversation,” according to Google. There are certain prerequisites before using this feature. Make sure that you own a personal Google account, be in the selected region, device’s language set to English, and own a Pixel 6 or a latest Google device, Pixel Fold, Samsung Galaxy S22 or latest model, or Galaxy Z Fold or Flip series smartphone.

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