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Google may have fixed chrome’s most annoying problem

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While Google Chrome is one of the best online browsers, it has a bad reputation for being a resource hog that eats up RAM on your computer like it’s going out of style. If you are performing heavy tasks, this can be a problem because heavier tasks could slow down your computer. According to Google, recent versions of Chrome have been updated with two new features that will minimize memory usage and extend your laptop’s battery life. The update was to be released today with a 108 MB version.

One of the features in the update is called “memory saver.” It is intended to reduce the amount of memory used by Chrome tabs. It will function by putting inactive tabs to sleep so they can’t manipulate the system’s resources. The tabs can be accessed again by reloading. An energy saver’s job is self-explanatory. It will minimize battery use when it drops by 20% by limiting background activity and the visual effects of websites.

Observing these features, we can say that Chrome has made a great return. According to Google, the latest features are customizable according to the user’s choice. Also, you can disable both of these features in the settings, and you can mark certain websites as exempt, which can result in important changes. As much as Chrome is the best browser for Mac, it’s been criticized over the years for this memory flaw. If both of these features work in a proper manner, we can say the biggest issue is resolved. The features will be launched across the world in the next few weeks. Features will be available on Windows, ChromeOS, and macOS.

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