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Google Chrome receives a feature similar to Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome just announced another update that could make the search easier and more convenient for users. The new update features that there is no need for opening a new tab or returning to the previous page when you input a new search.

Initially, Microsoft introduced the sidebar feature to its browser, Edge. Now Google Chrome has introduced a similar feature.

The details regarding the new feature were shared on the blog by Google. It detailed how the new feature will work. We are breaking down the process into steps so you could understand it better. You can now open a new tab in Chrome by following these steps:

  • Type your ‘Search’ in the address bar
  • Click the little Google ‘G’ logo [on the right side of the address bar]
  • Select ‘open search in side panel’
  • Your search will open on the right side of the browser. Whereas your current tab remains on the left side.

As mentioned by Google, this feature would be good for linking and associating various search options. Though, there is another way through which you can use this feature. It involves the following steps:

  • Highlight text in the browser
  • Right-click on it
  • Select the ‘Search in sidebar’ option
  • Your search will appear in the new tab

The new sidebar of Chrome is sleek. Although, as compared to equivalent features of Edge it is less comprehensive. The features of Microsoft Edge work more like a standalone search engine.

In addition to this new Chrome feature, Google also shared some insights on the upcoming features for desktop browsers. The new features particularly refer to shopping. A price-tracking feature is about to be introduced to the desktop version of Chrome. The price-tracking feature is already available with mobile phones for more than a few months.  Just simply select the bell icon in the address bar of an online store. You will receive email alerts of price changes of various products in your Google account.

Although other web browsers are ahead in the competition of new features and updates. But Chrome still manages to be among the most used browsers all around the world. In accordance with the results of StatCounter as of September, around 67.34% of desktop users prefer Chrome over other browsers.

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