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Google Meet is now equipped with nine in-meeting emoji reactions

Google Meet

Over time Google has added several beneficial features to the Google Meet platform. This time, the company has come up with a spark of fun for the Meet sessions. This feature will enable the users to share their reactions using emojis during a Google Meet session. As of now, the feature is available on the Web, and iOS, as well as supported Google Meet hardware devices. However, the feature has not yet been rolled out for Android. Neither the company has shared any specified timeline for its release.

The latest update brings emojis reactions for the users. these emojis will appear on the left-hand side of the display window. In addition to this, the emoji reactions will appear in the corner of the user’s window. The interesting part is that they can be visualized by every member of the Google Meet session. This is going to be fun. However, currently, the update has only added nine emoji reactions for use.

Thankfully, now, users can get in-meeting reactions. The emoji icons are presented in the toolbar. Selecting the emoji icon pops up the bar having the nine emojis. Users are given the choice to select the skin color of emojis. As of today, the feature has started to roll out to personal Google account holders. It is anticipated that within three days the feature will be completely rolled out to all Google account holders.

On the other hand, Google Workspace accounts in the Rapid Release track will receive the updates as early as January 16. The same procedure of three days timeline will follow with these accounts as well. While the account in the Scheduled Release track would receive the upgrades a little late. That may be around January 23. However, users can visit the Google Workspace release schedule for knowing more details about the updates.