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The code for New Apple Devices app for Windows cites xrOS and realityOS

realityOS and xrOS are linked to the mixed reality headset by Apple. In the past, these names have been hyped to be the possible names for the OS of Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset. As of now, a Twitter user @aaronp613 reported something quite interesting. According to this user, the code for the recent Apple Devices app for Windows cites realityOS and xrOS.

What is an Apple device?

Apple Devices is reportedly a new application developed by the company. It is specifically designed for Windows users. Apparently, this app will help users easily manage iOS devices and older versions of iPods. Besides this, the company is all set to introduce the Apple Music and Apple TV apps. Both these apps are going to be a substitute for iTunes.

As of now, if we go by the latest news, then the incorporation of realityOS and xrOS in the code of the Apple Devices app could be quite beneficial. Since users will be able to restore and sync the firmware of upcoming headsets by Apple via using their computers.

Well, if we decipher the meaning of realityOS, we come to know that this name is well-suited to the forthcoming product. Reportedly, Apple has registered it under a shell company. In addition to this, various trademarks like Reality One, Reality Processor, and Reality Pro have also been registered under the trademarks category. Thus, giving rise to the name realityOS.

Besides this, we are discussing the marketing strategies. Such marketing terms are always tentative. They can be easily changed at any given time. In December, according to a report by Bloomberg Apple selected the name xrOS for the new headset. This name points as a reference to extended reality. It is a good one. Since it merges the whole idea of AR and VR.

On the other hand, some sources unfolded that Apple is using the term realityOS for a product that will be based on mixed reality. However, we are uncertain about what the company is up to. Whether it is using two different names for different ideas, or it is just testing the product under both names.

Furthermore, another report by Mark Gurman points out that Apple could introduce its upcoming product in spring 2023. If this is the case, we will have the AR/VR headset before WWDC 2023. Moreover, the analyst reveals that the company could also launch new Macs by this spring. Given this perspective, we can anticipate a press conference somewhere between March and May.