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Google Messages is introducing “RCS” as a latest Chat Features

For many years, Google has struggled to include RCS. It has even tried to get the support of Apple in the case of iMessages. Meanwhile, the fact that this feature wasn’t that popular with Android users was totally ignored by the company.

Google has added some variations to how RCS is being viewed in the Google Messages app. Before the update, this feature was available in the “chat feature” block of settings. With this update, Google is planning to alter this option with RCS chats. Merging these options together will make this latest upgrade technology popular, and they will become updated with the feature.

Options for RCS chats will be available as “RCS chat with” and “RCS messages” will be available in the message bar. These options will make this option popular among users.

Will this help with RCS adoption?

By taking these steps, we will only benefit in terms of making users aware of RCS, but it’s doubtful whether we will achieve more than this. With this advancement option, the company needs to make this option available by default on the latest phones. This feature must be activated from the settings in the current version. In this case, people aren’t even aware of it as an available feature.

The company is in need of turning policies towards itself and working it out through its own platform, rather than looking for Apple’s support in that case. It will be an amazing deal to experience RCS messages from Android to iOS. Still, the feature is quite glitchy for now. As a matter of fact, it’s quite impossible for Apple to adapt to this feature. iMessages are a significant differentiator in keeping iPhone users connected to iOS.

As in today’s world, text messages aren’t really that popular among users except in the US. All around the world, people prefer other apps for chatting, such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Signal, Telegram, etc. We can say it is a “US only” agenda.