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LumaFusion is now available for ChromeOS and Android

Android is a fantastic platform, but it’s no secret that iOS users frequently have access to superior apps. Try finding a suitable Garage Band equivalent for Android. As per 9to5Google reports, the popular iOS app LumaFusion will soon be available for Android and ChromeOS.

Lumafusion is quite popular and a strong platform for video editing, but it’s only available on iOS. This app contains tonnes of useful features for users to edit their videos.

An announcement was recently made by the company in which it shared the news of the availability of this application on Android platforms along with ChromeOS. A beta version of this app was released for ChromeOS back in October 2021.

Lumafusion is now available on ChromeOS and Android

Most of the applications are initially introduced for iOS, but later they are developed to be compatible with Android devices. This pattern has been continuing for quite a while. In terms of variations, there are far fewer with iOS than with Android. So finally, this video editing app, “Lumafusion,” is now soon to be available on your Android devices and ChromeOS.

However, you’ll want to be aware of the capabilities and restrictions of your gadget. There will be no problems if you use a Pixel 7 Pro or a Galaxy S23 Ultra. Although you will see slower performance if you are using a $200 mid-range phone,

LumaFusion is an expensive video editor because it is intended for serious content producers (well, for an app). You’ll have to pay a hefty $29.99 to download it from the Google Play Store. If you’re searching for an app solely to edit videos, that is undoubtedly a lot. Lumafusion provides a feature set that gives you the impression that you’re working with an expert video editor.

You have the advantage of infinite keyframes if you want to animate any of your video’s scenes, in addition to the standard editing tools that you can use wherever. Up to six video layers can be active at once, which is absurd for a smartphone app. This programme also features a chroma key function if you want to use a green screen.

Just a few of the things you can get with LumaFusion are listed above.  Google is also providing a 25% discount on Chromebooks, which is fantastic if you use ChromeOS.