Google Messages is asking for a feedback from Beta testers

One excellent approach to testing new features before they go live on an app is to sign up as a beta tester. But with tremendous power also comes great responsibility, and yours is to provide feedback regarding the application. According to a recent report, Google is now urging its Google Messages beta testers to submit their feedback.

Feedback submission for apps is a crucial task. Even though it might seem small, reporting a bug you find when testing an app will help the developer address it. This increases the likelihood that the problem will be resolved by the company. This is particularly crucial for concerns that have the potential to grow into bigger ones.

Google Messages beta testers are able to provide feedback

If you’ve been using Google Messages in the last few months, you’ve probably noticed all of the updates the company has been making to the program. The business is now trying to find out how it performed.

A banner that reads, “As a beta tester, you’re using a new version of Messages, and we’d like to know what you think,” will stretch across the screen when you start a chat. You’ll see the Send Feedback button underneath that.

You will be directed to the app’s feedback screen when you tap on that. Although you may notice more stuff at the bottom of the screen, it almost looks like you are in Gmail. You can choose to email a screenshot of the first item to Google. You can choose to send the system logs to the business by selecting the second item.

You may put your feedback in the space provided above. Make sure you write down any problems you’re experiencing with the app or any changes you would like to see made. Make every effort to be as descriptive as you can. The option to receive updates from Google via email is located at the bottom of the screen.

Without the ad, you can still access the feedback screen. Toggle between tapping the Help & Feedback button and your profile image. On the resulting page, press the Send Feedback button at the bottom.

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