Google might be introducing a new browser

Google might truly separate ChromeOS from the Chrome browser, according to About Chromebooks. Although the research suggests that it may occur at some point soon, we are unsure of when it will occur.

A new browser is forthcoming

In addition to dissolving this union, Google is also introducing a new browser, giving the situation the appearance of a tech soap opera. The business might launch a brand-new browser named Lacros. Although we don’t really know anything about this program, it might be a browser running on Linux. We’re not sure if Google will discontinue Chrome or if Lacros will be offered as an optional replacement instead.

We might learn more soon, though. According to rumours, Google will release this new browser together with ChromeOS version 116. The software’s very next release will be that one. It might arrive as soon as the end of August or the beginning of September.

This shouldn’t be shocking to anyone

It makes logical that when ChromeOS first came out, it was based on the Chrome browser. In its early stages, ChromeOS was hardly more than a bloated Chrome browser. Chromebooks were designed primarily for web browsing and Google’s online services.

But the platform has evolved into much more than that over time. It has developed into a place where you can accomplish important work. You have additional power and features in addition to the functionality of Android apps. It created a distinct personality among Windows and MacBook’s around the globe. Consequently, it shouldn’t be a surprise that ChromeOS will no longer be dependent on the Chrome browser.

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