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Google might introduce separate call and notification volume controls

Android OS is one of the well-known operating systems for smartphones. It was introduced fifteen years ago. It comes with a number of useful features. Where some of them are more ambiguous than others. However, there is one feature that is missing since the first version of the operating system. This is a separate volume slider feature for notifications and calls.

Some fresh pieces of information suggest that Google is all set to introduce the above-mentioned feature to the Android OS. 9to5Google reports that the ADB command was implemented by the company back in December. It now seems like the feature is set to be rolled out. It can be rolled out either with
QPR3 or Android 14 in the upcoming months.

Reportedly, the “Ring & Notification volume” slider will be divided into two distinct sliders. One slider will be dedicated to calls while the other will be dedicated to notifications. In this way, users will be able to overlook calls without the requirement of turning down the volume to zero. Either way, users will be able to benefit from the separate Ring & Notification volume slider.

The following statement was added by Google to the feature request in its issue tracker: “The requested feature will be available in a future build.” It is very likely that the feature will be mentioned at the May 10 I/O, when Google CEO Sundar Pichai is expected to formally introduce Android 14 and disclose the launch date.