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Google No More Allow Users to Change Domains for Searching Various Countries

Google always provided the option to do localized searches by exploring at various domains—Like google.com for the United States, google.co.pk for Pakistan, google.co.jp for Japan or google.co.uk for the United Kingdom but from yesterday onwards this will no more be the case.

Google announced that it would now only be providing with current location-specific search results no matter whichever domain you might try and feel like visiting. This means that if an individual is in New York and visits google.co.uk, the results obtained would be related to New York City.

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Luckily one can still search for results other than just one’s residing country by changing locations through the settings menu at the bottom of  google.com. Not many people are aware of this option as it is at the bottom of the page and one must scroll down to the bottom in one’s mobile also its hidden at a corner on the desktop. By going to settings and then clicking on to “search settings” a new location can be selected.

Google believes that by doing so it would be able to provide the user with best available location-specific results. The feature seems to be mostly personalized towards the ones traveling. Google says that on visiting another country or whatsoever the search results provided would automatically be relevant to that country. And then the results would switch back again to as before once you reach home. Earlier the search conducted by the traveler on his/her country’s domain the results received would not have been ideal search results in the eyes of Google.

This new rollout will not be affecting the way Google handles legal necessities for example like the removal of certain results under Europe’s right to be forgotten.

Google has already been managing its existing services like YouTube and Gmail on the same policy. This policy of always showing local search results would now be applied to mobile and desktop searches, and on iOS Google app and Google Maps.

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