Google Offers Free Magnifier App For Pixel Phones

Quite a few people use their smartphone’s zoom capabilities to “get a closer look” at details in their surroundings that are difficult to read or recognize. Google has noticed this and now offers a special magnifying glass app for Pixel smartphones – not just for the latest models.

Magnifier App for free

Google casually mentioned the new Magnifier app during the launch of the Google Pixel 8. As Mishaal Rahman noted on X/Twitter, the tool is now also available for other smartphones in the Pixel series, so it is not withheld from the new models. Anyone who owns a Google Pixel model can use the Magnifier app, a kind of high-tech magnifying glass.

According to Google, the Magnifier app uses the cameras of Pixel smartphones to enlarge small text, make details of objects more visible, or zoom in on text that is further away, such as street signs or restaurant menus behind a counter.

With the app, the user not only has the option of enlarging content but can also adjust contrast and brightness, use certain filters, and regulate the brightness of the optional LED flash on the respective device to increase the visibility of text or improve other content. If desired, a connection to Google Lens can also be used to mark text and then search for it, copy it, or play it back via voice output.

Google is currently limiting the availability of the Magnifier app to Pixel series smartphones. This is probably primarily due to hardware features that are required for the app’s functions. Even within the Pixel series, not all models are supported. The app is officially available for all Google smartphones from the Pixel 5 upwards, but according to user reports it does not run on the Google Pixel Fold.

Nevertheless, owners of Google smartphones can try out the new Magnifier app and perhaps get a small but useful everyday helper.

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